"As a small business, we were looking to do something this year that was outside the box for our holiday party. Lord Calvert Bowl customized our afternoon of food, fun, and bowling to our specific needs. All of our employees had a great time and it served as a superb team-building event. After the rave reviews from our team members, we will most assuredly be back for future holiday parties or when we simply need an opportunity to unwind as a group outside the office."
John Decker
General manager
Scotts LawnService So MD

This is the second year that Lord Calvert Bowl has hosted our annual holiday outing. This event elevates everyone's holiday spirit and really captures the meaning of the holidays with lots of smiles, laughs, good food and of course, some healthy competition. The staff is wonderful to work with and everything was set and ready to go upon our arrival. The added touch of holiday music completed the event and provided a festive addition to our gathering. Thank you so much for your service and hospitality. We will be coming back to Lord Calvert Bowl for many years to come.
The Calverton School

I recently had the pleasure of planning the senior class picnic for Calvert High School with the professionals at Lord Calvert Bowl. From my very first interaction, I was excited and enthused with the amount of planning and extras that they were willing to help me with. The amount of work on my end was minimal and they gave me clear guidelines of what I needed to provide them with to make the event as smooth as possible. When I arrived on the day of the picnic, they had set up a tent outside of the doors for my co-sponsor and me to sit under as we checked in the students. They provided a list of the students’ names and what bowling lane they were on. They even gave us wristbands so we could keep track of who had already checked in outside.<.p>

Once inside, students could easily find their lane where a list of the bowlers’ names was provided along with their shoes sizes. The corresponding shoes were sitting there at the lane waiting for them and their names were already entered into the overhead bowling program.

Kids were able to get bowling right away with no waiting in lines and soon after were served pizza, nachos, sodas, etc. Every two lanes there was a station set up with food neatly arranged and sodas clearly marked. They even put down plastic table clothes in our school colors!

They continued to make the event exciting and special by having the laser lights and music running even though it was day time. They had red-headed pins mixed in and announced when someone had one on his lane. If they hit it, the student could come to the front desk spin a prize wheel and win free games, food, and prizes. At one time the staff even did the cupid shuffle as a group.

In four years of being a class sponsor, this was by far the nicest, easiest, and most enjoyable event I’ve planned for a group of 100+ teenagers. I would highly recommend Barbara and the professionals at Lord Calvert Bowl for an exciting event that is low stress and very reasonable in cost.
Sincerely, Molly Soroka